WSRN Downloadable Observation File Archives

The WSRN logs observation data from all CORS included in the network at a one-second epoch (1Hz). These files are freely available for download via the Reference Data Shop (custom orders by logging in as a 'guest' or authorized WSRN user) for data less than 60 days old. Files are archived at Central Washington University (CWU Geology Department) with files going back in some instances many years, downloadable individually from a directory style website (see below).The WSRN is not responsible for providing any support for how end users do their post-processing, these data files are 'as-is' and use of these files is at the sole risk of the end user. The WSRN and CWU do not guarantee retention of observation files. If you use a reference file for many of the archived CORS, and retention of those files is important to you, then make your own archive copy. Another recommendation is to download the files you desire shortly after your own field activities from the Reference Data Shop as retrieving from the long-term archive can be cumbersome.

Reference Data Shop
By logging in on this website as a 'guest' or WSRN user, you can create custom orders; individual stations or multiple stations, epochs, time periods, and various formats. Custom orders can be made on files up to 60 days old, and can be delivered as Rinex2.1, Rinex 2.11, Rinex 3, T02, TGD, DAT, or T01 and you can choose 1Hz, 5Hz, 10Hz, 15Hz, 30Hz...etc. Note also that the position in the Rinex header is approximate, refer to the WSRN or NGS websites respectively for current NSRS (i.e. NAD83-2001, or CORS 96) coordinates.

Rinex Long-Term Archive - PANGA
The Geology Department of Central Washington University - AKA 'CWU PANGA' archives in a directory style web page. The fields are stored by year and Julian date. You can download individual files by station name. The PANGA archive also archives observation data from many other CORS from scientific arrays but note that many of these non-WSRN stations do not have current NGS/NSRS coordinates provided. PANGA stores the files initially at 1Hz, but to save space will reduce the data to 5Hz, 10Hz, 15Hz, and eventually 30Hz over time. The files are also BZ compressed to save space. There are many unzip utilities avaialable on the web. As with the WSRN Reference Data Shop fields, these are 'as-is' and used solely at the risk of the end user. Note also that the position in the Rinex header is approximate, refer to the WSRN or NGS websites respectively for current NSRS (i.e. NAD83-2001, or CORS 96) coordinates. PANGA Archive link here.

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